Dante Alighieri INFERNO

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2. Kreis_Koenig Minos_03b_sw_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

2nd Circle | King Minos


6. Kreis - Steinsaerge_2a_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

6th Circle | City of Dis


7. Kreis_1.Ring_Zentauren_2b_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

7th Circle/1st Ring | Centaurs


9. Kreis - Luzifer_5_Luzifer_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

9th Circle | Lucifer


6. Kreis - Gorgonen_1_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

6th Circle | The three Gorgons


xy. Kreis - Xyxyx_58b_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

7th Circle | Geryon


xy. Kreis - Xyxyx_3a_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

6th Circle | Suffering Sinner


2. Kreis_Koenig Minos_04a_72dpi_R.Manfreda.jpg

2nd Circle | King Minos



Dante’s Inferno

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Das ,Inferno’ aus Dante Alighieri’s ,La Divina Commedia’ – neu interpretiert in ca. 140 Illustrationen.

Dante und Vergil auf ihrer Reise durch die Hölle; dunkel, unheimlich, bösartig.
Bild-Dimensionen: jeweils 1,20 m x 2,50 Meter, Querformat.
Book / 176 pages.

Buch INFERNO_2.jpgCover_hoch_02_DieWolluestigen_160dpi.jpg



Anthropometrie und religiöse Symbolik des menschlichen Körpers_226 pages

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Destructured Realities_726 pages

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More from ‘Faceless Girls’

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DSC_0295c_72dpi DSC_3762d_72dpi DSC_4243b_72dpi DSC_4186c_72dpi DSC_3476a_72dpi DSC_3429b_72dpi DSC_3328c_72dpi DSC_1648c_72dpi DSC_1571a_72dpi DSC_0633c_72dpi DSC_0429a_72dpi DSC_6690c_72dpi DSC_5308a_72dpi DSC_4118b_72dpi DSC_3709b_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_IMG_9067b_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_IMG_1743b_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_IMG_0884a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0840a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0733a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0605a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0340a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0353b_72dpi DSC_9870b_72dpi DSC_4874b_72dpi

Updates from project ‘Faceless Girls’

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Ralph Manfreda_0230a_72dpi_zensDSC_0806a_72dpi_smallDSC_3621c_72dpiRalph Manfreda_4274b_72dpiRalph Manfreda_4718b_72dpi_smallRalph Manfreda_5580c_zens_72dpiRalph Manfreda_3321d_72dpiRalph Manfreda_6935b_72dpiRalph Manfreda_7035c_72dpiRalph Manfreda_1864a_72dpi_smallRalph Manfreda_DSC_0170a_72dpi_smallRalph Manfreda_DSC_0523a_72dpi_small

Some updates from project ‘Faceless Girls’

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Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0016b_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0287a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_IMG_8969a_72dpi Ralph Manfreda_DSC_0245b_72dpiRalph Manfreda_DSC_0188c_72dpiRalph Manfreda_DSC_0396b_72dpi

New Frenchmaid-pics!

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A new and updated collection of my frenchmaid-photography.